Appellate Law

Zealous Civil and Criminal Appeals Attorneys

At Geragos & Geragos, our dedicated lawyers represent clients in appeals throughout California and nationwide. We have successfully used the appellate law process to help clients facing a serious miscarriage of justice. For more than 50 years, we have zealously served the needs of clients in civil and criminal appeals.

A Complex Process
Errors in state and federal district courts can leave innocent people facing lengthy prison sentences, or deny injured parties the compensation they deserve. Filing an appeal may be the only way to protect your interests. Our firm has extensive experience in this difficult process. We can identify any potential grounds for appeal and help you through the appellate process. We have secured new trials for the wrongfully convicted. We have overturned improper decisions and allowed our clients a fair opportunity to protect their interests.

Impressive Record
Our attorneys have had tremendous success in civil and criminal trials. We understand every aspect of the judicial process and know how to utilize that knowledge to our clients’ advantage. Our commitment to excellence has earned our Los Angeles-based firm an international reputation and allowed us to handle some of the most high-profile cases in the world.

Whether new evidence has come to light, or errors made in the original trial led to an unfair result, we will fight for you to the end. We do not give up. To learn more about our appellate law practice, call us at 213-625-3900 or contact us online to discuss your legal needs.