Notable Clients

Chris Brown

“Cops to Bust Drake for Throwing Bottle at Chris Brown in VIP-Room Melee: Sources”
Geragos obtains evidence in Brown’s defense
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“In Celebrity Brawl at Club, a Scene of Flying Bottles and Ice Cubes”
Geragos retained to defend Brown in club brawl incident
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“Chris Brown Pleads Guilty In Rihanna Assault Case”
Geragos relays Brown’s desire to “take responsibility”

William Lynch

“Will Lynch found not guilty of beating priest
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“Man Who Beat Priest for Allegedly Molesting Him Acquitted of Assault Charges
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“Jury Selection Begins in Los Gatos Priest Beating Case”
Harris to defend William Lynch
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“Will Lynch Trial Update: Priest Testifies He Didn’t Recognize Man Who Accuses Him in Sex Assault”
Opening Statements made, cross-examination awaits
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Greg Anderson

“Risking Jail Time, Trainer Again Vows He Won’t Testify Against Bonds”
Geragos translates Anderson’s gestures, solidifying his client’s position on the matter
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“Barry Bonds’ Ex-Trainer Greg Anderson Ordered Back To Prison For Not Testifying In Perjury Trial”

Geragos expresses empathy towards Anderson
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Cameron Brown

“Mistrial Declared in Girl’s Death”
Murder case ends in mistrial
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“Second Hung Jury in Daughter Murder Case”
Geragos & Geragos trial skills result in a second hung jury in murder case
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“Jury Deadlocks in Case of Man Accused of Throwing Daughter Off Cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes ”
Second hung jury in murder case
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Roger Clinton

“Roger Clinton Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving”
Geragos accepts plea bargain on behalf of Clinton
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“Roger Clinton Gets Fine and Probation in Plea Bargain”

Geragos’ efforts results in charges dropped
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Gary Condit

“Police May Question Gary Condit Again”
Geragos’ comments establish confidence in Condit defense
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Dhaliwal brothers

“SF Zoo Tiger Mauling Case Ends With Huge Settlement”
Geragos prevails with $900,000 Settlement
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Andy Dick

“Dick Working to Clear Himself of Sex Abuse Charges”
Geragos assists Andy Dick with criminal charges
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Nathanial Hale (Nate Dogg)

“Nate Dogg Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession, Gets Probation”
Geragos reduces Nate Dogg charges to a misdemeanor
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“Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Gun-Possession Charges”
Geragos secures plea bargain for Nate Dogg

Michelle Holden

“Sex Case Verdict Reduced”
Geragos’ experience results in another reduced case
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“McDougal Lawyer Hired to Defend Michelle Holden”
Sympathy for his clients: a Geragos forte
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Michael Jackson

“Michael Jackson Is Booked on Molesting Charges That He Calls Lies”
Geragos speaks on behalf of his clients
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“Geragos: Jackson Sleepovers Not Sexual”
Geragos dedicates time and empathy to clients to better understand them
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Jeremy Mayfield

“Mayfield Switches to Geragos”
Nascar driver, Mayfield, hired Geragos to defend
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Susan McDougal

“Jury Acquits McDougal of Obstruction”
Geragos efforts result in a “jubilant” McDougal
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“Federal Jury Acquits McDougal on One Charge and Is Split on Two”

Geragos assists in acquittal of McDougal
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“Clintons’ Friend Found Not Guilty Of All 9 Embezzlement Charges”
McDougal found not guilty of embezzlement charges
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Kazuyoshi Miura

Murder charges against Miura dismissed
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Scott Peterson

“Peterson Jury Is Asked to Put Aside Feelings for Defendant”
Geragos encourages isolations of jury’s personal opinion regarding Peterson
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“Peterson Judge Orders Documents Preview”
Judge acts based on Geragos’ arguments
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“Toobin: Peterson Displays Matter-Of-Fact Demeanor”

Geragos held to “dominate” the courtroom during Peterson proceeding
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Usher Raymond

“Usher’s Attorney Mark Geragos Wants You To Know That…”
Geragos defends Usher
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Nicole Ritchie

“Nicole Settles With Paparazzo Outside Of Court!”
Geragos successful in settling paparazzi matter outside of court
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Winona Ryder

“Ryder Sentenced to 3 Years Probation”
Geragos’ skills lead to “very non-routine shoplifting case”
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Arthur Snyder

“Appeals Court Voids Snyder Conviction”
Geragos predicted Snyder case results
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Sarkis Soghanalian

“Arms Dealer Implicates Peru Spy Chief in Smuggling Ring”
Geragos displays experience with international authorities
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“Arms Dealer Sentenced to Time Served”

Soghanalian’s charitable contributions highlighted by Geragos
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Lee Tamahori

“Director Lee Tamahori Strikes Plea Deal”
Geragos expresses Tamahori’s satisfaction with case results
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Hung Bao Zhong

“Chinese Dissident Avoids Deportation in Alleged Beating”
Geragos efforts result in an “ecstatic” Zhong
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