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Ben Meiselas is an associate at Geragos & Geragos, APC. His practice includes personal injury law, civil rights, class actions, and complex business disputes.

Mr. Meiselas was awarded "Top Attorney" by Pasadena Magazine and "Rising Star" by Superlawyer Magazine.

Mr. Meiselas serves on the Bet Tzedek New Leadership Council and the Executive Committe of the California Consumer Attorney's New Lawyer Division.

Mr. Meiselas previously worked for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Congressman Steve Israel, and Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Mr. Meiselas graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center in 2010. He received a certification in international transactional law from the prestigious Suzhou Universiy in Shanghai, China, where he came in first place in the alternative dispute resolution competition. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree, magnum cum laude, from the George Washington University.

Guest Speaker: Mr. Meiselas is frequently invited as a motivational speaker at schools to discuss his experiences in the legal profession and the importance of hard work and education.

Edward Sykes, Site Coordinator for the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, commended these efforts: "Many kids express to us they want to be an attorney but don't know what path to take. Ben has been very insightful in informing youth what they need to do to pursue a career in law. As our pubilc schools continue to cut budgets in community outreach and career development, Geragos and Geragos has assisted in filling the gaps towards career enrichment. Thanks again Mark and Ben for your support. The kids are already asking when they can speak with Ben in the near future.., they are ready to get started!!"

To book Mr. Meiselas a guest speaker call 213.625.3900 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Selected Media:

>>After Years of Sexual Assault by Parole Officer, Woman Fights for Right to Sue


"I was shocked and horrified to see their response. During oral arguments, it was clear that the court was very skeptical that PTSD resulting from sexual assault qualified as a disability," Ben Meiselas said. "The legal system is really tilted here to not provide a level of protection that sexual assault victims deserve. They're trying to use a six-month statute of limitations as a sword and a shield from preventing [Adams] from having access to the court system."

>>Two corrupt cops joined forces with drug dealers. Now, dozens of criminal cases could be in jeopardy


“How is the district attorney going to oppose any motion for a new trial when these investigators have admitted to such rogue behavior?” said Ben Meiselas, who is representing several families suing the Bakersfield police, included a man shot while allegedly an informant for Mara.

>> Mike Tyson Sues Ex-Planner for $5 Million


“They feel betrayed in the worst possible way by their financial advisors,” one of Tyson’s lawyers, Ben Meiselas, said of the World Boxing Hall of Fame member and his wife Lakiha Tyson, who is also a plaintiff. “But the Tysons are fighters, and always have been, and [they] have a legal team in place with unlimited resources to make sure [they] receive justice. . . ."

>> Could Harris Doctor Deposition Bombshell Derail or Delay Trial?


From the office of defense attorney Mark Geragos, Ben Meiselas, who was on the case this morning, said the deposition revelation “appears to be another delaying tactic.” Mr. Meiselas said their office has not been notified by the Attorney General’s office. . .Did Mr. Meiselas suspect a deposition was looming? “In litigation,” he said, “you can expect anything. A good litigator always knows nothing should come as a surprise. You prepare for anything. “I can tell you the plaintiffs are fully prepared to litigate and respond to any pre-trial filings by the state that may or may not be intended to delay the Bennetts from having their day in court.” “I can tell you the plaintiffs are fully prepared to litigate and respond to any pre-trial filings by the state that may or may not be intended to delay the Bennetts from having their day in court.”

>> Years, 5 Months Later, the Bennett Family Can Smile


Twenty-four hours after the family’s civil suit trial against the California National Guard suddenly ended at the start of Day Six, Gerald Bennett, the best known of the litigants, was bursting with smiles. Looking brighter than he ever did during the days of grim testimony, Mr. Bennett said that “I feel excellent, excellent.” Did you get what you wanted in the settlement? “Yes,” later adding a selection of salty observations.

>> Gay Marriage-The Tide is Turning


I got the legal perspective from Noted Los Angeles based attorney Ben Meiselas. Meiselas says, "The fact remains that Proposition 8 is illegal. Plain and simple, it brands homosexuals as an inferior class without full access to the privileges of marriage. The Supreme Court has explicitly recognized that marriage is a fundamental right afforded to all citizens - and it has never limited the right to opposite-sex couples."

>> Hollywood creative director wrongfully terminated for reporting boss's coke use; $450,000 verdict; settlement before punitive phase